Please read the Treatment Disclaimer below. If in agreement email back "I Agree to the Terms" to your appointment confirmation email or to the email link below.




Treatment Disclaimer

   I am  willing to be guided through relaxation, visual imagery, creative visualization, hypnosis and stress reduction processes and techniques for the purpose of vocational self improvement. I understand that the treatment I am receiving is not a substitute for normal medical care and I have been advised to discuss this treatment with any doctor who is taking care of me now or in the future. Additionally, I should continue any present medical treatment and consult my regular medical doctor for treatment of any new or old illnesses.

   By your consent to this email, you agree to be the subject of a spiritual counseling / hypnosis session and accept full responsibility for any and all injuries arising from the Spiritual counseling / hypnosis session. The client shall hold harmless all parties involved in the spiritual counseling / hypnosis session.  By replying to this Email you Understand and accept these policies and agree to abide by the specifics stated therein.