Transformational Hypnosis Sessions

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What Is Transformational Hypnosis?


About 5 years ago, Dr. Aurora Ariel (creator of Sacred Alchemy) and I developed a form of hypnosis that incorporated her breakthrough self-healing system. Her healing technology was borne out of many years of research in the psyche. The results were quite impressive. I observed deeper healings that occurred more with this healing method than thru my regular regressions. With the addition of Dr. Ariel's Sacred Alchemy, in each session there was a powerful link up taking place with the client's family line, allowing a healing for the family as well as all humanity. This was a great breakthrough in the field of hypnotherapy. Now, not only can you go into the past to see the cause of your present ailments, relationship issues, and life conditions, you can heal them at their causal levels, changing your future. I include Sacred Alchemy into all of my hypnosis treatments.


"Sacred Alchemy is a deep inner process that transforms the baser aspects of self into the Gold of the True Nature…

Affecting positive change within the individual, their relationships, offerings, businesses and the planet. Working from deep within the psyche, a powerful ALCHEMY occurs that transforms the person’s life from within.

Facilitating positive inner changes that re-pattern your outer reality to the Divine Intention, these sessions enhance soul discovery, restore your Authentic Power, realign you with your True Identity, balance and unify your feminine and masculine sides, and more. In each session, Deep Awakenings can occur that are powerful and life changing.

Lifetimes of clearings take place, healing the causal level and all the patterns and beliefs at the core of your challenging life conditions. This work is unprecedented in its ability to clear more than could ever be done before and quickly taking years and even lifetimes out of the equation. For optimum results, weekly sessions allow for a Sacred Journey of Self Discovery, Self Empowerment and Self Realization as you rise on ever ascending levels of yourself. The desired outcome of this Inner Work is Self Actualization and Fulfillment of Your Highest Destiny Potential."   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dr. Aurora Ariel