Life Before Incarnation Regression


The LBI is a profound and enlightening experience that enables you to access your soul memories while in a super conscious state. This allows you to discover what happens to you in between embodiments while in the spirit world. Oftentimes you will meet with your spirit guardians, your soul group and Council of Elders, as well as the higher selves of relevant individuals who are significant people in your present life. This allows you the opportunity to review your life in your previous as well as current one to best understand your soul's lessons and choices. It's a true privilege to guide a soul through one of these life altering soul adventures. The session lasts usually between 3-4 hours.


Benefits of a LBI Regression:

Uncover your own personal history
Receive age old questions answered as to who you are
Learn why you are here and where are you from
Find out about key relationships and the roles they play in your life
Provides spiritual awareness as to your destiny and life's purpose
Gives you profound insights into your own existence
Reconnect with your spiritual helpers and mentors
Come to a place of awareness and peace about death
Recapture the essence of your Immortal Eternal Self