Future Progressions


A future life progression can provide you with insights and guidelines that will help you to progress in life. It can assist you in making better choices and showing you the different options the future can play out for you. If you are curious about the future, want to make the wisest decisions for your life, or at a standstill and not sure where or what to do with your life, this can be a great adventure. With Bernadette's guidance helping you navigate into the future, some of the benefits you can experience are:


Make positive changes in different parts of your life

Tap into your Future Self and bring forth the wisdom and knowledge
they’ve garnered and bring into the present

Use FLP to make wise decisions in your life

Locate your life partner, your beloved

Explore what different probable futures hold for you
and what the strongest one foretells.

Look into what the future holds for the planet and mankind