Awakening to Your Inner Healer and Abundance Deva


Over the years Bernadette has used hypnosis to facilitate a client's personal journey into their own inner world where they can meet their spiritual guides, teachers, the Abundance Deva and their own physician, the Inner Healer. She also assists clients in meeting or receiving their own personal elementals in the Nature Kingdom.

Once a person has met these helpers, they have unlimited access to their wisdom, talents, abilities and resources.

Meet your Abundance Deva: This is a very exciting inner journey that taps you into the Abundance that is your true birthright as your Abundance Deva helps you increase your income and financial wellbeing. This powerful ally can assist you with your material needs in a practical, informative way. You may also visit your Temple of Abundance.

Connect to your Inner Healer: Your Inner Healer can help with physical problems as an adjunct to your medical treatments. You can be guided to the cause and core of your condition, and receive a treatment plan your Inner physician suggests that is best for your healing. In this hypnosis session, the Inner Healer will go over every facet of your life concerning your condition including the optimum diet, nutrition, exercise, rest, recreation, lifestyle or relationship changes, meditation or spiritual practice that will  bring you to a place of wholeness.





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