What to Expect Before My Session

These sessions are divinely guided and directed by the Divine Ones from the Realms of Light who work directly with your Divine (Higher) Self on your behalf. It is important before your session that you set aside sufficient time for your treatment and allow yourself the gift of a quiet setting, free from interruptions. If the treatment is conducted in-person, Bernadette will give you the option of eyewear (to block out light), and a choice of soothing background music. You might initially feel nervous or excited beginning your session, both of which are very normal feelings to have before conducting a deep spiritual journey.


Where are Sessions Performed

Sessions are available by appointment and are conducted via Phone on a private conference line, Skype, or In-Person at Bernadette's Healing Studio. Conference call instructions are provided under the Appointments menu, or click here for direct link.

You will find that hypnosis is a natural state of mind e.g. daydreaming, zoning out while driving, etc. It will be comparable to light mediation with your body relaxed and your mind alert. You will be asked questions to help you discover who/what you need to know. You will find that you will be able to answer questions easily and clearly. Upon waking out of your hypnosis, you will remember everything Bernadette has said and will be in control at all times while in your hypnosis state.


What to Expect During My Session

Sometimes people like to rest and take it easy after a treatment. Oftentimes, you will receive validation in some manner e.g. dreams, synchronicity, in different forms, expansion of the heart or consciousness. Emotional or physical healing can occur, as well as clarity and understanding on certain matters concerning one's issues or situation.

What to Expect After My Session